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Top courses to study in Canada for international students

Canada offers unparalleled academic opportunities to international students at an affordable price. It is one of the most sought-after study destinations that offer excellent student life, a high standard of living, and a multicultural environment that is open, accepting, and conducive to growth.

Top courses in Canada for Bachelors

CoursePopular Bachelor ProgramsTution Fee Range
Computer Science and ITBachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology, B.sc in Applied Computing, B.sc in Computer ScienceCAD 1,500 to 55,000
EngineeringB in Mechanical Engineering, B in Civil Engineering, B in Computer Science and Technology, B in Electrical & Electronic EngineeringCAD 1,350 to 55,000
Health and MedicineBachelors in NursingCAD 18,000 to 1,00,000
Applied and Pure ScienceB.sc in Biology, B.sc in Chemistry, Bachelors in Applied ScienceCAD 1,500 to 55,000
Media and JournalismBA in Media studies, Bachelor in JournalismCAD 30,000 to 1,00,000
Business ManagementBBA, Bachelor in Business ManagementCAD 550 to 56,000
Hospitallity and TourismBachelor in Hospitality Management, Bachelor inTourismCAD 35,000 to 50,000
Agricultural Science and ForestryB.sc in Agriculture, B.sc in AgribuisnessCAD 6,400 to 18,000
International RelationsBachelor in International RelationCAD 16,000 to 17,000

Top Courses in Canada for Masters

Computer Science and IT Masters in Information Technology, M.sc in Computer ScienceCAD 8,000 to 18,000
EngineeringM in Mechanical Engineering, M in Civil Engineering, M in Computer Science and Technology, M in Electrical & Electronic EngineeringCAD 2,150 to 52,500
Health and MedicineMasters in NursingCAD 2,150 to 58,500
Applied and Pure ScienceM.sc in Biology, M.sc in Chemistry, Masters in Applied ScienceCAD 20,000 to 30,000
Media and JournalismMA in Media studies, Masters in JournalismCAD 15,000 to 18,000
Business ManagementMBA, Master in Financial EconomicCAD 50,000 to 56,000
Hospitallity and TourismMasters in Hospitality Management, Masters in TourismCAD 12,000 to 25,000
Agricultural Science and ForestryMaster of International Forestry, Master of Sustainable Forest ManagementCAD 3,500 to 18,000
International RelationsMaster of International Relation, Master of Global AffairsCAD 19,000 to 25,000

Top Computer Science and Information Technology Courses in Canada

Salary : The average salary of an IT professional in Canada is CAD 55,000 per year.

Following are some of the popular Computer Science and Information Technology courses in Canada for international students.

ProgramDurationTution Fee (Approx.)
Bachelor of Computer Science3 to 4 yearsINR 14 to 24 lakhs
Bachelor of Information Technology1 to 2 yearsINR 11.5 lakhs
B.sc in Applied Computing3 to 4 yearsINR 14 lakhs
B.sc in Computer Science3 to 4 yearsINR 19 lakhs
M.sc in Computer Science1 to 2 yearsINR 14 lakhs

Top Business Management Courses in Canada

Salary : The average salary of an candidate holding MBA  from Canada is CAD 33,000 per year.

Following are some of the popular Business Management courses in Canada for international students.

ProgramDurationtution fee (Approx.)
BBA4 yearsINR 26 lakhs
Master of Financial Economics16 monthsINR 23 lakhs
MBA20 monthsINR 24 lakhs
Executive MBA20 monthsINR 17 lakhs

Top Engineering Courses in Canada

Salary : The average salary of an candidate with Engineering degree in Canada is CAD 50,000 per year.

Following are some of the popular Engineering Courses in Canada for international students.

programDurationtution fee (approx.)
Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil Engineering4 yearsINR 24 lakhs
B in Computer Engineering4 yearsINR 29 lakhs
B in Mechanical Engineering4 yearsINR 31 lakhs
B of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering4 yearsINR 9 lakhs
M in Mechanical Engineering1 to 2 yearsINR 26 lakhs

Top Health and Medicine Courses in Canada

Salary : The average salary of Medical Professional in Canada is CAD 48,800 per year.

Following are some of the popular Medicine and Health Courses in Canada for international students.

programDurationtution fee (approx.)
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy4 yearsINR 11 lakhs
Bachelor of Science in Nursing4 yearsINR 9 lakhs
Doctor of Medicine(MD)3 yearsINR 52 lakhs
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences4 yearsINR 14 lakhs

Courses in Canadian University

MBA has always been one of the top courses to study abroad. The majority of abroad MBA aspirants eye for international work experience, and particularly a decent job in the study abroad destination. Management Consulting, Banking, Investment Finance jobs are now under the skill shortage category in Canada.

Computer science & engineering graduates and software/IT professionals are always highly sought after anywhere in the world, including Canada. IT project managers and Software Engineers have turned out to be among the top 10 most in-demand occupations in Canada in 2018.

Finance always plays a vital role in a nation’s economy. With a degree in Finance, you will have an excellent understanding of the functions and applications of financial markets. Economics is another subject with great career scopes.

Core engineering & technology remains a candidate-driven field. The number of engineering jobs has grown steadily and added 7,050 new jobs in 2017 in Canada. Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) are currently the best job markets for engineers, likely due to their strong manufacturing presence.

Students from Earth Sciences background and related fields are also in high demand in Canada right now. The same goes for jobs in the renewable energy sector in Canada.

The increase in the global population has been causing several problems including climate change, global warming, and food security. Agricultural Science can play a key role in solving those problems. Therefore, like India and other foreign countries, the job prospects of agricultural science & forestry are excellent in Canada.

As long as there is life on our planet, the importance of medicine, biological sciences, biotechnology, and pharmacy will always be there. The field of life and biological science is broad, interdisciplinary and exciting. The field demands a lot of tenacity and perseverance.

With the rise of digital media, social networking sites, and online marketing, the demand for skilled professionals in those areas is also increasing exponentially. New age career paths like digital marketing and digital and interactive design are taking over the traditional ones.

Apart from creating huge noise, the big data boom has also triggered a great demand for quantitative and analytics professionals. Maths and analytics are used in various sectors that include financial services, retail, FMCG, healthcare, travel, media etc.

Employers are always looking keen to recruit talented and skilled workers. But, hiring and remuneration of such professionals is always a challenge for companies worldwide. That is why companies put extra effort in skill upgrading and training of their existing employees. This puts the counseling psychologists, career advisers, industrial psychologists and HR professionals in great demand globally.