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University of Ottawa

75 Laurier Ave. E, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada

The University of Ottawa, often referred to as uOttawa or U of O, is a bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The main campus is located on 42.5 hectares in the heart of Ottawa’s Downtown Core, adjacent to the residential neighbourhood of Sandy Hill, adjacent to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

University of Ottawa Summary

Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa is located in the heart of the capital of Canada — a G7 country — with ready access to major Canadian institutions. With our unique bilingual nature, which allows our students, faculty and staff to learn, work and live in English, French or both, we are committed to academic and research excellence and value cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The University of Ottawa is a renowned and most prominent public research bilingual university. It provides a study of French and English. It was established in 1848 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ottawa University offers a broad range of graduate and undergraduate programs in more than 450 subjects. Popular majors at the University of Ottawa are Arts & Humanities, Computer Science, Economics & Business, Environment, Physics and Social Sciences & Public Health. The Main Campus of uOttawa is spread across 37.1 hectares at the heart of Downtown Core of Ottawa, by the side of Sandy Hill, adjoining Ottawa’s Rideau Canal. The Alta Vista or Health Science campus is also a part of U of O spread across 7.2 hectares of land. The campus is fully furnished and equipped with all the resources like seminar halls, research labs, labs, and a giant library with a vast collection of ebooks and printed books in all 12 different locations. An estimated annual average cost of attendance for the Fall Semester is 26,353.60 CAD, excluding additional disbursements.

The University of Ottawa, together with its affiliated hospital research institutes, are acclaimed innovators. Our researchers are world leaders in photonics, vascular and cardiovascular health, brain and mental health, Francophonie, public policy and social justice. With 23 research centres and institutes cutting across faculties and disciplines, uOttawa promotes dynamic research collaboration and leverages Ottawa’s government laboratories, industry and policymakers.

The University of Ottawa is a vital, engaged and vibrant centre for human understanding and advancement — offering a superior educational experience. Credit goes to our staff, faculty and students, across all departments, services and faculties and to our partners in the public and private sectors. Their work on the issues facing society, and their commitment to deliver a learning experience of the highest calibre, are why the University of Ottawa is gaining increasing recognition for research and academic excellence, and for our positive contribution to the local community and the country at large.The University is always interested in receiving applications from those who wish to join its academic staff. Although applications cannot be accepted for a specific position once the deadline has passed, your application will be retained for future postings.

University of Ottawa Placements

The university has a dedicated career center for its students and assists its students in getting suitable placements by online and offline resources. The center functions from Monday to Friday from 8.45 to 4.30 pm. It university’s center provides information for job postings and volunteer opportunities and also works to enhance professional skills by conducting Resume writing, Mock Interviews, and Career coaching.

The University has a 97% employment rate for graduates. MBA at University of Ottawa is the highest paying degree, with alumni earning an average salary of INR 8,213,000. Mentioned below are the average salary of some of the top degrees of uOttawa: 

University of Ottawa Campus

The University of Ottawa main campus is spread over 37.1 hectares and Alta Vista Campus has 7.2 hectares of space. A total of 126 buildings are on campus used for offices, Classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, residential halls, study, and recreational spaces beside the open spaces, parking facilities, and sports facilities.

  • The campus has 302 classrooms and seminar rooms, 263 Labs, and 823 research labs. A network of 12 locations, situated in Morriset hall the UOttawa library has one of the largest collections of printed and ebooks.
  • The campus also hosts a museum and art gallery with some antique artifacts and a collection of unique things of history and religion.
  • You can choose from over 175 different clubs and societies to interact with your niche. For sports heads, there are 45 intramural leagues to become a part of.
  • You can also enjoy comedy nights at Cafe Nostalgica on-campus, be a part of University’s Got Talent, and watch free movie screenings on-campus. 
  • For bookworms, there are over 2,425,000 print books, 74,000+ E-journals, 20,000 digitized French books, 13,000 theses, and more at the uOttawa library.
  • Hence, an international student of any interest can find it easy to live a content life while studying at University of Ottawa.